Friday, June 16, 2023's Izabella Kaminska Flags Someone Who Seems To Understand History and Economics

And human nature.

From Ms. Kaminska's Twitter feed:


Huh, we should probably keep an eye on this Ms. Nabiullina.

And a sort of Hat Tip. Here is the story at I was going for when  BeyoncĂ© caught my eye:

It seems that state security is the go-to excuse for anything and everything that government wants to do. 

I'm starting to think all these functionaries and bureaucrats suffer from Sun King envy and that someone should probably tell them Louis no.14 didn't really say "L'État, c'est moi" and that said functionaries and bureaucrats are actually more akin to the Carolingians:

Charles II, the Bald
Louis II, the Stammerer
Charles, the Fat
Charles III, the Simple