Tuesday, June 13, 2023

As We Begin Tracking The Original Banana Republic's Currency...

...the Honduran Lempira vs the USD, our musical theme will be provided by Finland's Leningrad Cowboys backed by the Alexandrov Ensemble, formerly known as the Soviet Red Army Choir (A. V. Alexandrov Twice Red-bannered and Red-starred Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army) singing a Neil Young song live in Helsinki:

And from TradingView, the USDHNL pair:

TradingView Chart

Oooh, an inauspicious start for the dollar, requiring only 24.4644 Lempira to buy a dollar vs 24.5624 when trading began on Sunday night. Perhaps another song from the Cowboys will help, here they bring one of the Rooski soloists out of the choir and put him up front. 
Guy's got some pipes:

If interested, and who wouldn't be, here is more of the concert, the Yellow Submarine cover is a bit surreal.

The venue was Helsinki's Senate Square in June 1993. Here's the setlist.
For a while after the the breakup of the USSR in 1991 there were a few years of hope that the time of geopolitical craziness was over.