Monday, January 4, 2021

"The World’s Worst McMansion – It’s So Bad, It’s Good"

No, it is not good. The interior pics are borderline hoarder with a touch of crazy cat lady.

"How did you end up with so many cats"

Well, it started with just a few but then it sort of got away from me."

The always say "it sort of got away from me."

That's how you know they are trying to keep a grip on reality but it's tenuous. Very tenuous.

From the Steeple Times:

New Jersey ‘McMansion’ complete with Flintstone-esque pebbled bathrooms and gaudy grottos goes on sale for £1.65 million; it’s so bad, it’s good

A onetime contributor of ours is best known for saying: “It’s good” of almost any situation and in 1 Rivers Edge Drive in Colts Neck, Monmouth County we’ve discovered what is quite possibly the best ever example of: “It’s so bad, it’s good” in architectural terms.

Styled from outside in the form of an atypical ‘McMansion’ or ‘Hummer House,’ the 5,420 square foot ‘palace’ of a property on offer for sale currently stands in a community described by realtor Jason Mitchell as “the gem of New Jersey.”.... 

....MUCH MORE, oh, we're just getting started.

The entrance hall to the ‘house’ resembles a Christmas grotto, but not one you’d want to take any child near given it is more Halloween-horror-esque.

Who’d have thought it? Pink, brown, gold and grey aren’t a great colour comibination.

And so much more.

Makes you feel pretty good about your own design sensibilities, eh what?