Monday, January 4, 2021

"Four Royal Navy Warships Leave Portsmouth in Brexit Show of Force to French Fisherman"

From The News, Portsmouth, January 2:

A FLOTILLA of British gunships rushed into the Channel in a show of force to French trawlers over new Brexit fishing rights.

The four offshore patrol vessels left Portsmouth hours before the Brexit deal came into force on New Year’s Eve.

Armed with cannon and machine guns, the naval fleet are under orders to protect UK fishing grounds from Europeans.

HMS Trent led the Channel charge, followed by HMS Tamar, HMS Mersey and HMS Tyne....


And in other Channel news, the British Navy has a plan for immigrants sans visas, with one tiny flaw. 

From The Maritime Executive:

UK Border Force to Deploy Nets to Disable Migrant Boats

The UK Home Office's Clandestine Channel Threat Commander, Dan O'Mahoney, is contemplating the use of nets to foul the propellers of migrant boats crossing the English Channel. 

O'Mahoney said that the new "safe return tactic" was very close to operational deployment, and he said that it closely resembles a tactic trialed by the Royal Navy earlier this year. The nets would be used to disable migrant dinghies' outboard motors, allowing UK forces to bring the passengers on board British patrol boats and return them to the French shores where they originated. The only operational challenge, O'Mahoney said, is that at present "the French won't accept them back to France."....MORE