Monday, August 3, 2020

It's August So We're In Murder Hornets Reruns: Stop Them Before They Breed!

From The Independent, August 2:

‘Murder hornets’ trapped in US for first time as officials race to eradicate colonies before breeding season 
Asian giant hornets were first recorded in Washington State at end of 2019

As the US grapples with the world's worst coronavirus outbreak, a new threat is emerging as Asian giant hornets – known as “murder hornets” due to their lethal sting to humans – are gaining a foothold in the country.

After they were first found in Washington State in May this year, the 2-inch (5cm)-long hornets have now been trapped for the first time – giving officials an indication – firstly that their traps work, and secondly of where nests could be situated.
Now authorities in Washington State have until mid-September to try and eradicate the invasive species before the breeding season begins.

Multiple stings are deadly to humans and in Asia the hornets are estimated to kill 50 people a year.

During the hornet’s “slaughter phase” they kill bees, feeding the bodies to their young....MORE
Bees have enough problems, don't need no murder hornets tryin' to feed the youngins.