Friday, August 7, 2020

"Italian billionaire whose £30m superyacht sank after it fell off the back of a cargo freighter is suing the British transport firm for compensation"

It's been more than a year since "Superyacht MY SONG Falls Off The Cargo Ship Transporting It" but here's the update.
From the Daily Mail:
  • The £30m yacht My Song was lost from a cargo vessel in October 2019 
  • Owner Pier Luigi Laro Piana used Peters and May to transport his vessel 
  • Mr Piana is suing for the replacement cost of his carbon fibre super yacht
  • Peters and May claim a frame supplied with the yacht failed leading to its loss
The owner of a £30million super yacht is suing a British transport company for the loss of his vessel which fell off a cargo vessel and sank in a storm. 
Italian billionaire Pier Luigi Laro Piana commissioned Peters and May to transport his three-year-old yacht, My Song, between Antigua and Genoa. 
However, in May 2019, the yacht, which was being carried by the freighter Brattingsborg, was lost overboard in a storm around 40 miles from Menorca and sank.

According to The Times, Mr Piana is suing the the firm for the replacement value of yacht. 
However, the Southampton-based Peters and May deny responsibility. 

According to court papers: 'The primary assessment is that the yacht's cradle - owned and provided by the yacht, warranted by the yacht for sea transport and assembled by the yacht's crew - collapsed during the voyage.' 

Mr Piana's lawyers are seeking to have the case returned to an Italian court.....

I can't imagine the emotions on either end of those texts:
"Your boat fell off the ship"