Wednesday, May 20, 2020

ICYMI: Credit Suisse Updated Their "Supertrends"

Probably a good idea.
First up, The Hindu's BusinessLine, May 6:

Credit Suisse updates its Supertrends for long-term investments amid Covid-19
Global wealth management company Credit Suisse has recently published its annual update to the Supertrends, its framework for long-term thematic equity investments in focusing on evolving investment trends amid Covid-19.
The Supertrends which were first introduced in 2017 have updated taking into account how the Covid-19 pandemic has upended the global economy.

“Our normal way of life has ground to a halt because of the coronavirus pandemic. This crisis is challenging existing systems and structures, sowing the seeds for further change ahead as we uncover limitations in how we learn, work and live. Our Supertrends continue to evolve with the changing world around us, and we believe that they remain compelling investment themes for today and the future,” said Michael Strobaek, Global CIO, Credit Suisse.

According to the report, the pandemic has reiterated the importance of the core five long-term investment trends while adding a sixth trend on climate change.

“Climate change – Decarbonizing the economy” trend is based on the investment case for companies that are involved with the transition to a less carbon-intensive world economy. The key areas of focus within this trend are carbon-free electricity production, transportation, oil and gas transition pioneers, and agriculture/food production.

Credit Suisse’s “Anxious societies – Inclusive capitalism” trend “reflects the fact that popular discontent is now focusing more clearly on issues at home, in particular inequalities, rather than on perceived outside threats and a move toward protectionism.”....

If interested, here's the CS press release with the link to the update.