Friday, May 15, 2020

"‘Ethical foie-gras’: Cultured meat start-up taps duck egg cells to recreate French delicacy"

From Global Meat News:
Foie gras is a well-known French delicacy consumed the world over. Made from the liver of a duck or goose, the specialty food product has caused significant controversy over the years due to its unique production method.

To fatten the birds ahead of slaughter, they are force-fed with more food than they would eat naturally in the wild. This process is known as gavage.
A number of governments have taken a stance against its production on home soil. Today, foie gras production is banned in countries including the Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Poland, Turkey, and the UK.

Yet demand remains – and consumers appear willing to pay top dollar. Foie gras is regarded the most expensive unstructured animal product on the market, and generally attracts a price tag of between $50 (€46) and $70 per pound.

Driven by concerns for animal cruelty and unsustainable food systems, entrepreneurs have teamed up to create what they describe as ‘ethical foie-gras’: a cultured meat alternative to the real thing. 

Filling a gap in the market
French start-up Gourmey was founded in 2019 by three friends: stem cell biologist Antoine Davydoff, molecular biologist Dr Victor Sayous, and entrepreneur Nicolas Morin-Forest.
According to its founders, Gourmey is the first French cultured meat company. Yet unlike the majority of its competitors across the globe, Gourmey is kicking off its cultured meat range with a premium delicacy.

“We strongly believe that cultured meat can offer more than processed foods, such as nuggets or sausages,” ​said CEO and co-founder Nicolas Morin-Forest, “and can shape a new culinary tradition made of rich and savoury gastronomic delights”.

Having observed growing consumer concern for gavage practices, the CEO described the foie gras industry as a ‘$2bn market facing an existential crisis’.  A total of 17 countries have banned its production, and New York is now prohibiting its consumption in the city. This has also been ruled in California and India.....MUCH MORE
Totally unrelated:

Bisexual Polyamorous Goose Love Triangle Ends In Tragedy 
I was looking for a black swan pic, not polyamorous interspecies goose love triangles, honest.
From IFL Science:
Thomas the goose (white) is seen with his poly family: Henry, Henrietta, and their youngsters. 
Photo courtesy of Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust