Wednesday, January 9, 2019

"Record Number of Britons Seek Irish Passports as Brexit Looms"

Well duh.
You knew this was coming when JPM had to resort to:
"J.P. Morgan is deploying photos of sausages to lure staff to Frankfurt"
There is one population subset voluntarily heading east. As the article below notes:
 Jewish Families in UK Who Fled Nazis Apply for German Passports to Escape Brexit
From Sputnik:
The number of British citizens applying for Irish passports has grown rapidly ahead of Brexit.
Almost 100,000 eligible Britons are trying to retain their EU citizenship by obtaining a passport from their closest EU neighbour, The Guardian reported. The number of British citizens applying for Irish citizenship rose by 22% in 2018, Ireland’s foreign office said on Monday – more than doubling the total number of annual applications since Britain voted to leave the European Union back in 2016.

In 2017 the number of applicants for Irish passports was 81,000 and in 2015, before the Brexit referendum —  just 46,000. Under the current regulations, anybody born in the Irish Republic or Northern Ireland, or with an Irish parent or grandparent, is entitled to an Irish passport. That makes a total of about 6 million British citizens eligible for Irish citizenship. 

Registrations for Irish passports in Northern Ireland, whose citizens can hold both an Irish and British passport rose by 2% as well, The Guardian reported....MORE 
Additionally, to raise the stakes in the luring o'the bankers war we saw:
"Ireland to 'decriminalise' small amounts of drugs, including heroin, cocaine and cannabis, for personal use"
We're just a small blog but even Climateer Investing was on top of the real estate angle implied by such scenes as:

"Thousands Of British Refugees Making Dangerous Journey Across The Irish Sea"
Via Euronews
M&G eyes moving more funds to Dublin after Brexit vote
LONDON (Reuters) – British asset manager M&G Investments, the fund arm of insurer Prudential, is looking at relocating more of its operations to Dublin in the wake of a British vote to leave the European Union....MORE
And from The Waterford Whispers News, on the spot reportage:
THE IRISH coast guard has today issued a nationwide warning for the East Coast as hundreds of thousands of British refugees risk their lives to cross the Irish sea in an attempt to flee the impoverished and unstable nation.

Dinghies overflowing with desperate migrants are so far half way through their journey, many with women and children aboard, wishing to make a new start on the Emerald Isle.

“We have rescued hundreds of people from crafts due to overcrowding,” winchman Derek Ryan of Rescue 117 told WWN today. “It’s a terrible situation as many of these people are only hoping for a better quality of life in the EU”.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has called an emergency meeting in the Dáil this afternoon to help find a solution to the influx of British refugees.

It is expected many of those landing on the Irish coast will have to be quarantined, as they are not a part of the European Union....MORE