Sunday, January 6, 2019

"Finally, a Karl Marx anime"

From The Outline:
Karl Marx may be the father of communism, but he soon will be the sparkle-eyed communist daddy we’ve waited for. China-based anime streaming site recently announced, to great fanfare, that it will soon release an anime detailing the life and times of the writer, philosopher, and activist, in celebration of Marx’s 200th birthday.

Yes, you read that right. Karl Marx, co-author of the Communist Manifesto, will be reincarnated as an anime character. As anime wasn’t formally invented until the 20th century, I bet Marx could literally never have envisioned this. But the political economist behind the unfinished Das Kapital will forever be known to anime streamers as a slim, trim, blue-eyed, trenchcoat-sporting wet dream of a revolutionary.
Hong Kong 01 reported that the anime, appropriately entitled The Leader, will feature seven episodes surrounding Marx’s whirlwind romance with Jenny von Westphalen, Friedrich Engels and Marx’s budding friendship, and “his contributions to class struggle and the revolutionary movement.”...MORE