Wednesday, December 6, 2017

"...World Cereal Production Hits All-Time High" (that's cereal GRAINS)

Our headline omits the first three words used in the original:
Malthusians Wrong Again: World Cereal Production Hits All-Time High
Because I remembered our intro to April's "'Musk Taunts Shorts As Tesla Hits Record Highs' (TSLA)":
Duude, Memento mori, Memento mori.*
(I'm no classicist, see below)
So yes, memento mori. 

From Reason's Hit & Run blog:

World grain production grew by 3 percent this year, while world population rose just 1.2 percent.
Record cereal production this year will lead to record end-season grain inventories, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization's latest World Food Situation update. Overall, grain production rose from 2,533 million metric tons last year to 2,613 million metric tons this year—an increase of about 3 percent. The group projects a slight decline in global wheat production, and it expects rice production "to remain broadly stable."
Food and Agriculture Organization

*Mary Beard does a drive-by