Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Volokh Conspiracy Has Moved

From the legal eagles of The Volokh Conspiracy:
As you can see, we've moved from the Washington Post, where we've blogged since early 2014, to Reason. Good to see you here, and we hope you'll keep visiting us here often! We wanted to say a few things about our move, to satisfy those curious about it and to avoid the need for people to speculate about our reasons.

First, we wanted to thank our Post hosts very much for nearly four years -- mostly very happy years -- blogging at their site.

We benefited greatly from the Post's deservedly excellent reputation, and drew many new readers. We also benefited greatly from the technical support provided by Ben Sumner, and the work of all the editors at their copyediting desk. We much appreciate all that the Post and its people have done for us and for the blog.

Why, then, the move? 
The chief reason was that we wanted to be freely available to the broadest range of readers....

Financial independence is helpful in many ways, just ask Jeff Bezos.