Thursday, December 7, 2017

"Tesla begins Model 3 customer deliveries, VINs above 2000 spotted" (TSLA)

Definite progress in deliveries although way behind Mr. Musk's forecasts.
These numbers mean the company is still doing far, far too much of the work by hand but raise the question: Will these early 'artisanal' Model 3's carry a higher or lower valuation than those produced by Elon's robot army? In 5-10-20 years?

Some of the recently purchased KUKA bots being unboxed last April:

From Teslarati:
A substantial increase in Tesla Model 3 sightings over the last month could be suggesting that the California electric car maker has worked through its initial production bottlenecks. A Model 3 with vehicle identification number (VIN) ending above 2000 has been recently spotted at the company’s Fremont, Calif.-based factory, marking the highest VIN being seen to date. In addition to VIN #2077 being spotted, a Model 3 customer with VIN ending #2079 said they’re taking delivery during the second week of December, according to their comment on Reddit.

Though Tesla has said in the past that VINs are not issued in sequential order and a poor reflection of the vehicle’s production volume, Model 3 sightings with increasing VINs could be suggesting otherwise.

A scatter plot of Model 3 VINs being spotted in the wild tells a story of increasing production assignments taking place overtime....MORE