Wednesday, December 6, 2017

So You Thought Cement Was Boring eh? "Former LafargeHolcim bosses questioned in Syria terrorist financing probe"

David Keohane writing for the Temps Financiers de Londres*:
French investigators have questioned former chief executive Eric Olsen and ex-Lafarge boss Bruno Lafont over allegations that LafargeHolcim, the Swiss-French cement company, helped finance terrorism in Syria, according to judicial sources familiar with the matter.
This marks an acceleration in a scandal that already led to the exit of Mr Olsen as chief executive of LafargeHolcim, which was formed two years ago as the result of a €41bn merger between France’s Lafarge and Switzerland’s Holcim....MUCH MORE
*Yes, yes, I know you don't translate names such as the FT but I'm trying to imagine moving from India to France without your handy Translator's Stylebuchen and doing major stories for an English language audience.
I would get confused.

While patient reader wonders what the hell is up with the Anglo-Teuton bastard word Stylebuchen?