Monday, December 11, 2017

"Rush for Ruthenium Has Metal Soaring 375 Percent in 2017: Chart"

Following up on June's "The Cobalt Trade Worked Out, On To Ruthenium":

From Bloomberg Quint:
(Bloomberg) -- Demand for hard drives and for electrochemical applications has driven little-known ruthenium to the highest price in more than seven years. Soaring to $190 an ounce, according to Johnson Matthey Plc, it’s more than quadrupled this year, outperforming all major commodities -- and it may have more to run. “This rally has legs,” Jonathan Butler, a precious metals strategist at Mitsubishi Corp. in London, said by email. “There’s good industrial buying out there.”
So, one might be asking oneself, what's next, how do I find what moves after cobalt and ruthenium?
It's easy, you can do it at home.

First gather up your tools: some darts and a periodic table:

Oops, wrong periodic table.
Here's one from Science Notes:

Throw your darts, note where they land,  invest away and survive, thrive & save civilization!

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