Monday, December 11, 2017

Electric Vehicles: China, China Uber Alles...

They actually named the thing the Weltmeister? The World Master?

From Reuters:

Chinese electric car maker to put 'Weltmeister' on road next year
WM Motor Technology Co, one of a new breed of Chinese electric car companies, will use its company name “Weltmeister” as its brand and plans to start taking orders for its first product, a sport-utility vehicle, from April.

The Shanghai-based startup plans to start producing its first car at a new plant in Wenzhou during the second quarter of next year, Freeman Shen, WM Motor’s founder and chief executive, told Reuters ahead of a media event.

The exterior design for the SUV was presented at the event in Shanghai on Monday. WM Motor also unveiled a logo for the brand that will adorn its cars....MORE
Seriously, Worldmaster? Anyone else feel like a little Horst-Wessel-Lied? Too much? We'll go with Lili Marlene.
Here's the Wehrmacht choir version::