Monday, July 10, 2017

The Cattle Are Lowing

Do you know how long I have to wait to get to use that stupid pun in a headline? Well here's the five year chart:

A few times in 2015 and 2016 but it's not like FTAV's ringmaster Paul Murphy.
If he wants, he'll be able to trot this one out every couple months:
Crypto frother warns of crypto froth (while further frothing crypto)
Hell, in the current environment of bro culture exuberance morphing into fraud with no delineation between the two he could probably set it on auto-post and go on holiday. What with the crypto and the froth and all.
Meanwhile, during the up-moves I'm stuck with stuff like 2014's:
The White House Is Searching for the NextGen Futurecow (MOO)
Nextgen futurecow is probably as close to a neologism as I'm ever going to get....
(cue deep mournful lowing)
just to keep my hand in.

From Inside Futures:
The Trend In Cattle Is Lower
Live Cattle Futures--- Live cattle futures in the August contract are trading lower for the 2nd consecutive trading session down 100 points at 113.77 continuing its bearish momentum all due to the fact that feeder cattle prices have hit a 2 month low with the situation developing in the grain market with sharply higher feed costs across the board putting pressure on this sector.

Cattle prices are trading below their 20 day and right at their 100 day moving average & if you are short this market I would place the stop loss at the 10 day high standing at 118.80 as the chart structure will improve in the next couple of days therefore lowering the monetary risk as the trend clearly is to the down side in my opinion.

The next major level of support is at 112.50 which was hit in last week's trade....MORE
And why are the cows making the sad, sad sound?
It's getting expensive to feed them and they know what that means.