Friday, July 28, 2017

Firefox vs Chrome: "Firefox’s blazing speed with huge numbers of tabs leaves Chrome in the dust"

Just a heads-up for now, more to come I'm sure.

The first rule of computer security is don't connect to the internet anything you want to keep secure.
Which means you'll probably want to have dedicated computers whose only job is to link to the web which is where this little advance could come in handy.

Google made a serious error when they did the architecture for Chrome.

From techradar:

New beta of Mozilla’s browser is a power user’s dream
As you may be aware, Chrome has something of a reputation for being a resource hog, and rival Firefox is aiming to hit Google’s browser in this potential Achilles heel with news that it has hugely streamlined memory usage when lots of tabs are open.

And we mean lots of tabs. As Mozilla developer Dietrich Ayala explains, he did some testing with Firefox having 1,691 tabs open – yes, 1,691 – and found that while the current version of the browser (54) was very sluggish to start up and used a lot of system memory (unsurprisingly), Firefox 55 (currently in beta testing) and 56 make massive strides on both these fronts.

According to Ayala’s benchmarking, Firefox 54 took over four minutes to start up with this massive-multi-tab configuration open in the browser, but with Firefox 55 that time has been reduced to just 15 seconds.

Perhaps even more importantly, with all these tabs open Firefox 54 used up just over 2GB of system memory, whereas with Firefox 55, memory usage is less than 0.5GB. That’s obviously a startling improvement at just a quarter of the previous figure.
Quantum tricks
All this is down to the new ‘quantum flow’ project in which Firefox engineers are seriously trying to optimize the browser’s level of responsiveness, clearly with a good deal of success....MORE