Friday, July 28, 2017

Position Available: The Royal Family Is Hiring

From Fortune:
They might be part of the British Royal Family, but Princes William and Harry and Princess Kate use LinkedIn to find applicants, too.

The three are looking to hire a new senior communications officer for their Royal Foundation. According to LinkedIn, nearly 1,000 people have already applied, with almost 50 applicants in the past day alone. About half of applicants appear to be in the London area, according to the career networking website. The position is a mid-senior-level full time job based in London. The listing states that applicants should have "extensive experience within a marketing, media or PR office" and a relevant degree or equivalent qualification, but specific experience in the charity sector is ideal....MORE
Seeing the headline my first thought was that the job had something to do with this:

But no. 
By the way, I think Matt Chorley captioned the pic first however I don't have it right to hand.