Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New Certificates of Expertise

The madness of occupational licensing is legendary and the object of much derision.
From the kids threatened with arrest for not having a lemonade stand license to the teenager put out of the grass cutting racket for want of the $110 fee to Oregon Man Fined for Doing Math Without a License to the woman criminally charged with horse massaging without a veterinary degree the examples are everywhere, but we try to avoid posting or even thinking about such things.

Because the blatant self-interest of the entrenched participants and the regulatory capture of the bureaucrats is so obvious to anyone who considers the issues for over 30 seconds, the usual response is simple disgust. And from there it's just so easy to slide into an attitude of supercilious superiority without actually, you know doing anything, so we just leave the stories to others. As the Bible says "Snark without solutions is dead".

I think that's what it says. Might be faith, and deeds, though. I should probably look it up.

Moving on, if society isn't going to address the issue, maybe we should do a reductio ad absurdum and certify everything.
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