Friday, July 14, 2017


Not a big one but kinda cool
From SpaceWeather:
GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH: NOAA forecasters have analyzed this morning's solar flare and CME and they have issued a geomagnetic storm watch for July 16th and 17th. Storms could reach category G2 (moderately strong) on both days. High latitude sky watchers can expect midnight auroras on Sunday and Monday. Free: Aurora Alerts

STRONG SOLAR FLARE AND CME: After days of suspenseful quiet, huge sunspot AR2665 finally erupted on July 14th (0209 UT), producing a powerful and long-lasting M2-class solar flare. Extreme ultraviolet telescopes onboard NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the blast:...


See also SolarHam, on the blogroll at right or here.

This event will knock down the cosmic ray count, also at SpaceWeather, but not enough to change the underlying trend:

More on this in a few months.