Monday, July 17, 2017

Being Told Tesla Exists Because of Tax Breaks and Subsidies Drives Elon Musk Crazy (TSLA)

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal, July 11:

EDITORIAL: What would happen to Tesla without subsidies, tax breaks for electric car buyers?
...The Wall Street Journal reported this week that it drives Mr. Musk “crazy” when critics argue that his company is the creation of government subsidies and handouts. Perhaps he reacts so strongly because he knows they may have a point....
Tesla is potentially important to the northern Nevada economy, what with the payrolls and the state tax incentives and the possible local lithium supply lines so the Review-Journal is keeping tabs on things.
Regarding Mr. Musk, it is starting to appear he's a bit thin-skinned, we'll have another example later today or tomorrow.

Here's the WSJ story, July 9:
Tesla Sales Fall to Zero in Hong Kong After Tax Break Is Slashed
...Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk has rejected such contentions, saying during an analyst call in May the notion that his company has survived because of government subsidies and tax credits "drives me crazy." Tesla says on balance, industry incentive structures still benefit traditional, combustion-engine vehicles....