Friday, June 16, 2017

"Google Slammed with €1 Billion Fine By EU Over Market Domination and AntiTrust Behaviour" (GOOG)

From WCCFTech:
Google has been charged with a penalty of more than a billion Euros by the European Commission. The tech giant has been found guilty of antitrust behaviour and market domination practices like promoting its own services over rivals.

According to a report by the Financial Times, Google has been charged in three separate legal investigations into company’s trading practices. Antitrust behaviour is the part of one of those investigations. It will be given an official notice in the coming weeks.

The accusation of unfair trade practice in this case means that whenever any user searches for any product on Google, the top results on the search engine are always by Google Shopping than other price-comparison websites. The European Commission has looked into the matter and found Google guilty of the unfair practice. Following the accusation, the company will be charged with the hefty fine. The commission will also be asking the company to rectify the issue and downgrade its own links in the search results....MORE

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