Monday, June 12, 2017

Disaster Averted: Yacht Race Participants Saved In North Atlantic, Queen Mary 2 Picks Up Captain Of Little Boat

I think we have a "Bad Luck, Good Luck" story here.
Or, at minimum, big boat, little boat.
From the Daily Mail:

'I could get used to this': British sailor rescued by the Queen Mary 2 after his boat was severely damaged in transatlantic race reveals how he was 'treated like a prince' aboard the liner
  • British cruise liner joined rescue effort after yachtsman struggled in stormy seas
  • Queen Mary 2 and two further vessels responded to three emergency beacons
  • Stricken sailor Mervyn Wheatley sent a mayday after his yacht was battered
A British yachtsman has relived the dramatic moment he was rescued by a cruise liner after his vessel became severely damaged in a transatlantic race.

Stricken sailor Mervyn Wheatley sent a mayday after his yacht was battered beyond repair in a hurricane in the middle of the Atlantic. 

The former Royal Marine, 73, was taking part in a 7,500-mile transatlantic race when his boat was smashed by 50ft waves and winds of almost 70mph - but it was the Queen Mary 2 luxury liner steamed to his rescue.
He was rescued in the area of the Mid Atlantic on Saturday and while his boat, called Tamarind, suffered severe damage
An RAF Hercules was sent on a long-range rescue mission after the father-of-two sent out a distress beacon during the ‘once-in-a-lifetime storm’.

But it was the QM2 ocean liner that saved the day – diverting from its course and arriving to help stricken Mr Wheatley in his badly damaged 38ft yacht....MORE
We last visited the Queen Mary 2 in 2015's "Three Queens In Liverpool: Cunard's Big Gals Dancing On The Mersey" :

I know the first part of the headline sounds like a RuPaul event but it's actually the Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and the Queen Elizabeth getting together in Cunard's former headquarters city over the Bank Holiday weekend.

From the "You don't see that every day" file:

QM2 is the big one in the middle

Next stop, Halifax, Nova Scotia.