Thursday, May 11, 2017

Today in Blockchain Enabled Peer-to-Peer Solar

Now that's a lot to unpack and if you're not up to figuring out what's going on I'm with you.

For simpler puzzles there's always the Daily Mirror:
Transgender hooker who 'broke penis' after lover died during sex tries to sue his wife
On second thought...

From The Next Web:
...LO3 Energy launched a peer-to-peer transaction system called Brooklyn Microgrid, which allows users to sell excess energy directly to their neighbors. This creates a peer-to-peer market that allows people to buy locally generated green energy — boy are hipsters going to love that.

To achieve this, LO3 Energy uses blockchain technology, which electronic currencies such as BitCoin are based on. By combining advancements in solar and blockchain technology LO3 Energy has taken a step to decentralize the energy market. The participants of microgrids have become less reliant on central repositories for energy production and transaction ledgers....MORE