Sunday, May 28, 2017

Alphaville's Kadim Shubber Discovers Some World Class Bloviating

As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of orotund obsfucation I appreciate a fine bit o'bloviation from a scammer:
How to Spot a Hedge Fund Fraudster 
Bombast. In my experience they are all bombastic.
And stripper poles.
You would not believe the number of stripper poles that crooks collect....
That's me, quoting myself quoting myself.
More below.

Here's Mr. Shubber's latest piece on his favorite fallen unicorn, valuation gone from £1 1/2 billion to £2 million (maybe):
Ve Interactive: The rise and fall of a tech unicorn
And here's the CEO, David E. Brown, Esq. on Twitter:
Ridiculous cheap jibes & misinformation published by Sunday Times this weekend, not to be believed. False allegations and distorted facts.

They will be hearing from my lawyers. The truth will come out....

Amazing: tech industry more attracted to twisted bullshit & self-destruction rather than recognising real champions & UK success builders!

...Peter Uttley, Equisure's chairman and a former Lloyds of London executive, took control of the company this week, assuming the chief executive post....

...Uttley said in the press release that his chairman role had been a "passive" one, but he now plans an active reorganization of the company, whose reputation has been stained by allegations that it is a scam insurance operation....
...In an unusually emotional statement to the press, sent from an Equisure board meeting Friday in London, Uttley told his version of events over the summer, which eventually led to the delisting of Equisure shares on the American Stock Exchange.
"The simple truth was consumed in the belly of deception, but now has been vomited for the world to see," Uttley began.
He then proceeded to tell a story of three men, whom he described as "liars," "cheats," and "scallywags," who worked with law enforcement officials and the press to spread false rumors about the company with the intent of buying Equisure out at 50 cents a share, a tiny fraction of the stock's trading price of $15, before AMEX suspended trading Aug. 1.
Isn't that damn fine bloviating? It's hard to research but I think Uttley et. al. got away with $100 mil....

As they say on the nature shows:
"Sadly now, there can be but one outcome"