Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Recent Most And Least Efficient Thieves: Robbing The Fed and Chump Change

Our front runner for most efficient:

Bangladesh bank says hackers stole $100M from its New York Fed account
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York was hacked — and $100 million was swiped from the Bangladeshi government’s account, Bangladesh’s central bank charged Monday.

The Central Bank of Bangladesh said the cyberthieves laundered at least some of the funds through casinos in the Philippines.

And the Bangladeshi Embassy said investigators were working with Filipino officials to find the funds.

“It has been possible to recover a portion of the amount ‘hacked’ from Bangladesh Bank’s reserve account in the United States,’’ it said in a statement.

“Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit is engaged with the Philippines’ anti-money laundering authority to trace the destination of the remaining amount and recover the same....MORE
That's it boys, directly to the source, nine figures.

And from New York Magazine:

World’s Least Efficient Thief Steals $200,000 in Quarters
An inventive and presumably muscular employee of Brink’s — the armored-car company — has been charged with stealing almost $200,000 worth of quarters that the company was storing for the Federal Reserve. An FBI investigation found that Stephen Dennis, a money-processing manager in Alabama, swapped bags of quarters for similar bags he'd filled with beads disguised with a thin layer of coins, and hauled out $196,000 — nearly five tons' worth — over a couple of months in early 2014. Dennis pleaded guilty to the charges and pledged to repay Brink’s, which has already reimbursed the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta....MORE
Five tons.