Thursday, March 10, 2016

Deloitte On Fintech: A Great Opportunity to Peddle Product

From Citywire's Wealth Manager: 

A 'once in a generation' opportunity for fund firms 
The asset management industry has a once in a lifetime opportunity to modernise its distribution model.
A study by the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI) and Deloitte titled 'How can Fintech Facilitate Fund Distribution' highlights how technology can reshape the financial sector on a global scale.

'Fintech is more than a buzzword. It will have a fundamental impact on the operating model of asset managers, distribution intermediaries and service providers, who are also facing new investor behaviours,' ALFI chair Denise Voss said.

'The investment management ecosystem has not only to increase efficiency, but also to provide a better customer experience if it is to succeed in the future.'

According to the paper, successful asset management companies will adapt product management and marketing strategies to the mind set and habits of the new generation of investors, using fintech to make use of a wide set of available data sources, including external sources such as social media.
It also stated client profiling will be supported by data analytics. Key features of online platforms will be education, risk & performance metrics, account management functionalities, wealth reports vs investment goals and market insight....MORE