Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Working on that Timing Thing: Cramer's Stocks to Avoid (FSLR)

We've all done it but Cramer seems to do it a lot.
From CNBC. Monday June 11.:
The volatile market environment has provided investors the opportunity to buy some stocks at discounts, Jim Cramer said on CNBC's "Mad Money." After all, quality stocks are sometimes brought down with the overall market when they should probably be trading at higher levels, Cramer said. Investors should be careful, though.

"There are other stocks that have sold off for a very different reason: because they deserve to go lower. These stocks are dangerous," Cramer said. "They lure you in with apparently low valuations that seem cheap, and then they lose you boatloads of money because they aren't really cheap— they're what we call value traps that have a long way to fall before they can find a bottom."...
First Solar (FSLR)
First Solar's stock is "untouchable," Cramer said on May 24. He's recommended investors stay away from shares of this energy company since it was trading at around $138 a share in September 2010. Today, the stock hovers around $13.

"The entire solar power space is in horrible shape since it depends on government subsidies, and governments around the world are tightening their belts, especially on Europe which had been a big booster of solar," Cramer said....MORE (#4 in the slide-show)
Today the stock is up 22.55% at $15.11.