Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why We Love the Vancouver Business Scene (Frauds, Scams and Flim-flams)

Last month I mentioned a Canadian writer in connection with WPRT:
The company is based in Vancouver where the Vancouver Sun does a a marvelous job of covering the city's business scene. One writer in particular, David Baines, has impressed me over the years...
A reader just sent me the results of a search he did on what Mr. Baines is up to.
Here is the results page at the Vancouver Sun: 
 June 06, 2012
Baines: Lawyer suspended three months despite lengthy disciplinary record
June 05, 2012
Baines: Dentist has second thoughts about promoting

June 02, 2012
Banned Abbotsford promoter continues to push 'recovery scheme' 
May 29, 2012
Baines: Controversial investment-referral club prepares to sell memberships in B.C. 
May 29, 2012
Two settle in OTC Bulletin Board stock scheme 
 May 25, 2012
Baines: More former clients of banned mutual fund salesman claim they got bad advice
May 24, 2012 
Surrey man banned for bogus gold scheme 
May 22, 2012
Baines: Victoria ‘financial education’ firm has another (questionable) deal for you