Monday, June 4, 2012

Say What You Will About Wal*Mart (WMT)

One of my mentors had a deal go one-thousand-fold before it was bought out, I thought that was quite impressive.
Here's one that almost doubled that performance.
From Slope of Hope:

Say What You Will, But.......Up 180,000%


They both pale in comparison with Berkshire Hathaway which Buffett began buying at 7 5/8 and had control of by the time the stock hit 14 7/8.
Call it a blended average of ten bucks (to keep the math simple for yours truly) and you've got 11,984 times on your money '62-'64 through Friday's close.
Now that's impressive.
Part of the secret is what, as early as the Jan. 18, 1965 Letter to Partners, Buffett described as:
A long life (in the erudite vocabulary of the financial sophisticate this is referred to as the Methusalah Technique)