Friday, June 1, 2012

"Noted Stock Analyst the Amazing Kreskin Says Facebook Is Going Down" (FB)

From New York Magazine's Daily Intel:
Since Facebook's ruinous IPO, the in-boxes of tech reporters have been flooded by PR firms pitching hundreds of "industry experts," all offering to assess the company's long-term potential in exchange for a little ink.

But only one pitch — from the legendary mentalist the Amazing Kreskin — promised a no-fail look into Facebook's actual future. So we called him.

"I'm not a financial expert by any means," Kreskin said as a caveat to our call. "My work really deals with how people are thinking, and tuning in on your thoughts."

Nevertheless, the Hollywood mentalist (don't call him a psychic) agreed to take our Facebook-related questions. He said he had gotten interested in Facebook recently, after hearing whispers at parties about the company's IPO.

"As I studied more and more and listened, it was almost like a cartoon character that made a hit in the movies, and suddenly there was a cast over the character."...MORE
 HT: the Wall Street Journal's MarketBeat blog.