Friday, June 22, 2012

The Long View: General Electric Annual Reports 1892-2011 (the astounding GE data visualization tool)

From General Electric's Data Visualization blog:
6,000 Pages Tell the World’s History
This interactive visualization of GE’s 120 annual reports traces the company’s evolution in the words of its participants. The company grew from a national provider of lighting to a global innovator in parallel with the economic and cultural development of the United States as a whole. Keywords provide navigation through thousands of scanned pages that describe and depict everyday appliances, pioneering machines, and the people who built them and used them. Spanning the years from 1892—when the term “Lighting” directs a reader to GE's development of an elevated electric railway for the Chicago World’s Fair—to 2011, when the term “Electricity” highlights how GE technology now provides a quarter of the world’s electricity, these reports provide a compelling view into GE’s history of building, moving, powering, and curing. Our favorite image? A toss-up between the kitten pawing a television tube on page 17 in 1952 or the "Partio Cart" on page 13 in 1960. This is best viewed in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox....MUCH MORE

120 Years of Innovating For the Future

34.62% of the people who answered our poll didn't realize that GE developed the electric toaster 20 years before sliced bread. Read the story below to learn more about GE ingenuity over the last century and today.
Of the 12 original companies listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 1896, only one remains standing 116 years later. GE. From the days of founder Thomas Edison, GE has helped build the U.S. economy with its ingenuity, blazing new trails in everything from light bulbs to fans to vacuum tubes.


HT: Triple Pundit who writes:
GE’s Data Visualization Tool Reveals Demographic Shifts in America

The following post received sponsorship from GE and fits in with our ongoing series on Technology for Good
About a month ago, we teamed up with GE to bring you a series of articles focusing on the company’s impressive data visualization tools. At the time we were talking mostly about the way GE used their tools to open up their library of annual reports going back more than 100 years. The result was not only a much more interesting way to peruse the company’s history, but also a way to look at specific technological trends....MORE