Monday, June 4, 2012

Factoid: Price of English Farmland Has Risen 10,745% During the Reign of Elizabeth II Regina

Yeah, I know about the other realms and dominions but this research focused on England,
From the International Business Times:
English farm land has risen in value by 10,745% during the lat 60 years, according to research carried out to mark The Queen’s diamond jubilee.

Values rose most quickly, up by 390%, during the third decade of her reign and hit a record high of £6,156 an acre in June 2011, the research from Knight Frank shows.

‘Queen Elizabeth II has presided over a huge increase in the price of farmland. When she became queen in 1952 the average price of agricultural land in England was £56 per acre. It is now worth £6,073 an acre, according to the Knight Frank Farmland Index, just shy of the record price of £6,156 achieved in June 2011,’ said Andrew Shirley, head of rural property research at Knight Frank....MORE