Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Data Scientists Compete for a Job at Facebook"

Following up on the post immediately below, "Facebook Flash Vs. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math".
From MIT's Technology Review:

Big Data startup Kaggle is crowdsourcing the application process.
With a blog post titled “You are not your Resume, You are a Data Prospector,” Kaggle cofounder Anthony Goldbloom has announced a data science competition where the prize is an interview at Facebook (for, you guessed it, data scientist positions).

Kaggle is a problem-solving platform that relies on a network of registered data scientists who contribute freelance solutions to a diverse array of big data problems posed by companies and organizations in different disciplines, from improving chess rating algorithms to predicting someone’s future credit score. These companies pay Kaggle to host and coordinate each project. Typically, data scientists compete for a cash prize based on predefined performance metrics....MORE