Friday, June 22, 2012

Commodities Have Fallen So Far So Fast they Could....

...Bounce 10% and still be in a downtrend.

DBC is the  PowerShares Deutsche Bank Commodity Index Tracking Fund ETF; $24.32, up 17 cents, last.
From Slope of Hope:
Commodities Have Room to Recover 
At the moment, the overall market is up 0.53% and I am down only 0.09%, which is thrilling for me since I am entirely short. It shows my shorts are not being overly prone right now to market strength, which is all I ask of my little guys.

Battered commodities do have room to roam higher. I don't entirely trust their ability to do so, so I'm probably just going to sit this one out. But, for the record.....

...MORE, including a completely baseless hunch.