Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oldest Known Pornography Found in France

As Harry Nillson had the Rock Man say to Oblio in his work of genius, "The Point":
"You sees what you want to see, and you hears what you want to hear".
From the Melbourne Herald-Sun:


The world’s oldest pornography is discovered:

A MASSIVE block of limestone in France contains what scientists believe are the earliest known engravings of wall art dating back 37,000 years. 

The 1.5 tonne ceiling piece was first discovered in 2007 at Abri Castanet, a well known archaeological site in southwestern France, which holds some of the earliest forms of artwork, beads and pierced shells… 

The images range from paintings of horses to “vulvar imagery” that appears to represent female sex organs, carved into the low ceiling that rose between 1.5 to two metres from the floor, within reach of the hunters.
Or maybe not:

Harold Dibble, an archaeologist at the University of Pennsylvania, said the team’s dating of the vulva engraving appears sound because it cannot be any younger than the surface on to which it fell and might even be older…
As for the long-standing tradition among archaeologists working in France of interpreting such images as vulvas, Dibble said, ”Who the hell knows what they really represent?’’