Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day: Liveblogging Occupy

The Nation is on the beat, here are his posts through April 30:
Live-blogging OWS daily since October 1.  Email: epic1934@aol.com. All times ET.   See my e-book on Occupy "40 Days That Shook the World."   My other books, including new ones on Bradley Manning and Beethoven, here....

11:55 Good preview of May Day actions in NY tomorrow with accent on "confrontations."   And see top of Nation site right now for special coverage and features.
11:00  NYT on the letters and white substance (corn starch) sent to Wells Fargo and Chase branches and Mayor Bloomberg (see below).... Claim that several apartments where anarchists live in NYC visited by police today.
9:05 Tom Morello, who is leading a "thousand man" guitar army tomorrow in NY now tweets:  "My new band also looking 4 1million percussionists. Marching band veterans, pots & pans bangers please apply. Noon/Bryant Park."  Big boost for May Day tomorrow as Tom and Ben Harper (who is also leading march tomorrow) will be on Jimmy Fallon tonight, as he tweets:  "Looking for best and worst 25,000 musicians in NYC area. Tomm. Bryant Park. Noon. Nightwatchman/Ben Harper 2nite on Fallon to PUMP IT UP."
6:50  Fox News:  NYPD investigating envelopes with white powder sent to "at least" 5 Wells Fargo branches in city, discovered today.  "The bank branches were closed, and they will remain closed until the situation is deemed safe, the spokesman said."   Fox helpfully notes that this happening on the eve of May Day but does note later that this has not been linked to Occupy (yet).  Of course, Wells Fargo was a target of protests in San Fran just last week.
6:45 Major NYT piece online tonight, presumably in print tomorrow, on Occupy in academia, with new studies, books emerging and so on.
6:30  Doug Schoen at Daily Beast:  How Occupy, despite recent quietitude, seized control of narrative in 2012 politics and campaigns.
3:40  Full lineup of SF Bay Area events tomorrow via the Bay Guardian--with action starting tonight.