Saturday, April 28, 2012

Williston, ND Has Probably Surpassed San Francisco and D.C. for Highest Average Annual Wage

Since the depths of 2008-09 I've thought of Prof. Perry as "The Happy Economist".
From Carpe Diem:

Metro Area   Average Annual     
Williston, ND$70,000
San Francisco$64,820
Washington, D.C.$62,890
New York City $58,500
Los Angeles$51,600

From today's Williston (ND) Herald:
"Williston Economic Development’s deputy director has the daunting task of tracking job creation in the Williston area. Shawn Wenko says he likes to see how Williston compares to other cities in the state. And, it’s probably no big shock that Williston leads the state in job growth. Wenko says Williams County created over 12,000 jobs from January 2010 to September 2011.
“That number doesn’t surprise me. If we could have brought housing online faster it would probably be even more....MORE