Thursday, July 7, 2011

Latest Twist in the Jeffrey Gundlach Bonds, Drugs and Porn Litigation

From Deal Journal:

Trust us, this is one of the weirdest employer-employee lawsuits you’ll ever see.

In the latest twist in the legal fight between bond-fund manager Jeffrey Gundlach and his former employer, a judge today allowed a jury to hear claims brought by Gundlach, Reuters reported.

Money manager Trust Co. of the West dismissed Gundlach, its star fund manager, in late 2009. TCW said Gundlach and other former employees stole client contacts and other proprietary information on their way out the door. TCW also claimed it found marijuana, drug paraphernalia and pornographic material in Gundlack’s offices on the day he was dismissed.

Gundlach has vehemently denied TCW’s allegations, and said TCW is trying to smear his new money-management firm, DoubleLine....MORE