Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Jim Rogers Suggests Giving Up Finance To Be A Farmer "

Top-tick time?
To whom?

Mr. Rogers has been driving the bandwagon for a few years now, Time magazine climbing on board may mark an intermediate-term top, see today's "U.S. Farmland Boom May Peak After 5-Year Surge" (MOO; COWS; SOIL; CORN; DBA; WEAT).

From DealBreaker:
While there are many people who work on Wall Street for reasons that have nothing to do with money (trading gives them a thrill, they enjoy analyzing companies, they love the hours, it’s what they believe they were put on this earth to do, etc), there exists at least a handful of individuals who got into this whole thing for one reason and one reason only: the cash. To those people and more, investor Jim Rogers has some advice: become a farmer....MORE
...If you want to become rich, Jim Rogers, investment whiz, best-selling author and one of Wall Street’s towering personalities, has this advice: Become a farmer. Food prices have been high recently. Some have questioned how long that can continue. Not Rogers. He predicts that farming incomes will rise dramatically in the next few decades, faster than those in most other industries — even Wall Street…
*Economic Times (India) June, 2009:
Fund Managers can become farmers: Jim Rogers

Sydney Morning Herald May, 2010:
''I would urge anyone to buy a farm,''

March, 2011
Odey Asset Management's Crispin Odey on Agricultural Commodities & Farming
The founder of UK based hedge fund firm Odey Asset Management, Crispin Odey, is out with his latest market commentary and investment outlook. Penned on the 28th of February, Odey writes on the slightly tangential, yet increasingly talked about topic of farming and agricultural commodities.

We've detailed how legendary investor Jim Rogers is bullish on agriculture and has also bought farmland. Also, the now famous subprime short-seller Michael Burry also bought farmland....