Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mr. President, "I don’t know if this will be technically a genocide…”

Yeah the grammar's wrong, so what.
From BusinessWeek:
 Ivory Coast Massacre Leaves 800 Dead, Red Cross Reports
From Chris Blattman, from whom I got the headline quote:
Texas in Africa has posted notes from a friend in Abidjan. One begins ominously, “I don’t know about if this will be technically a genocide…”
I’m not in the business of predicting events at such uncertain and terrifying moments, but in such moments I am in the business of cautioning against the escalation of fear and rumor, especially from single reports.
A colleague with many friends in Cote d’Ivoire to be worried about writes me:
I’ve talked to several folks in Abidjan today, and they paint a relatively different picture of Abidjan from the one that you just retweeted from @texasinafrica (“pure anarchy)...MORE
Meanwhile Reuters Africa is reporting:
Cocoa production in I.Coast seen falling in 2011/12