Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hugo Chavez Takes Page From Michelle Obama's Book, Urges Venezuelans to cut Calorie Intake (and Beware of Breast Implants)

Long time readers know that Hugo has an odd fascination for me.
[odd is right -ed]
It was only two months ago that the White House put this press release on their website:

First Lady Michelle Obama Launches Let's Move: America's Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids
Announcing a surprisingly long list of government actions (although not as far-reaching as this).
It was also the roll out of the Let's Move website. There's a lot of stuff there.

Knowing a good thing when he see's it Señor Chavez came up with his own plan.
From the Boston Globe:

President Hugo Chavez urged Venezuelans on Sunday to cut their calories to avoid obesity -- the latest lifestyle recommendation by the self-proclaimed socialist crusader.

Chavez has lobbied in recent weeks against what he calls the evils of capitalism, including alcoholism, breast implants and violent television programs.

"Be careful with weight gain!" warned Chavez on Sunday, speaking during his weekly television and radio program. "We are eating better, that's been proven. We're leaving malnutrition behind. It no longer exists in the country, but be careful with obesity."
Chavez -- who often dispenses advice to supporters during his marathon speeches -- said he'd start a campaign to urge Venezuelans to consume less fatty foods and eat in a healthier fashion.
The former paratroop commander has taken issue with doctors who "convince women, many women -- not all of them -- that if they don't have big bosoms, they should feel bad."
Breast enlargement is widely popular in image-conscious Venezuela, where newspapers publish advertisements from clinics offering breast implants on credit and beauty pageant contestants often undergo plastic surgery....MORE
I don't know where the First Lady stands on breast augmentation.