Monday, March 7, 2011

FT Alphaville Presents a Société Générale Production of The Black Swan Pas de deux from Swan Lake Starring Albert Edwards and Dylan Grice! (Mar 7, 2010)

I know, that headline is a stretch. I lay the blame equally on SocGen and FT Alphaville.
Albert's mention of an Irish jig combined with FTA's juxtapositioning  of the two analysts led to a bit of neuronal mayhem. Throw in last week's Oscars and gentle reader gets assaulted.
Here's FT Alphaville:
The global economy is critically ill
It’s a SocGen double header on FT Alphaville this Friday morning.
You’ve had the apprentice (Dylan Grice) and now it’s time for the Dark Sith Lord (Albert Edwards).
The global economy is critically ill. The fact that it has just risen from its sick-bed to perform a frenetic Irish jig is more a function of the financial morphine and steroids that have been pumped into its emaciated body than any miracle cure. You don’t have to be Dr Doom to expect the patient to collapse back into a deep coma after the stimulus has worn off.
One reason, says Edwards, is that the $111bn rise in US wage income over the past six months has been almost entirely eaten up in higher food and energy outlays. (This contrasts with last year, when real wages grew robustly)....MORE
Société Générale's Albert Edwards: On The Resurgence Of The "Conspiracy Of Optimism" (Feb. 26, 2011)
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Maybe I can blame old Pete Tchaikovsky too. From 1975 here's The Black Swan Pas de Deux by the American Ballet Theater, back when women were women and men wore tights: