Monday, September 13, 2010

Chicken Trader Bailing on Allstate Trade (ALL)

UPDATE below.
Original post:
The stock is up a quarter at $30.12 after getting as high as $30.30.
The stock and market are looking heavy and hurricanes are swirling, time to say "Via con Dios".
I'm guessing we'll be back, there are too many corporate positives to forget this one.
Up 8.7% unleveraged, about 1 1/2 times the S&P since September 1.

A Contrarian Hurricane Earl Trade: Allstate Insurance (ALL)
Update on the Allstate Trade: Caught an Upgrade from Citi (ALL)
UPDATE: The stock closed higher, at $30.29, up 42 cents.
From What's Trading:
Allstate (ALL) shares are up 24 cents to $30.11 and one strategist sells the Jan 33 – 36 call spread at 53 cents, 37000X. Open interest data suggests a possible roll down in strikes, or buying back the Jan 36 calls to close, while selling-to-open a new position in the Jan 33 calls. If so, it might be a shareholder writing calls against a position in ALL.