Friday, September 24, 2010

"Larry Summers: Irreplaceable, Apparently"

From Barron's Stocks to Watch Today blog (2 days ago, sorry):
Fox Business Networks’s Charlie Gasparino said on air this afternoon that “business community sources” tell him outgoing White House economic adviser Larry Summers is going to be hard to replace: no one wants the job.
Nobody really wants this job. Sources are telling me — these are CEO-level sources — that all the names you have heard leaked, [former Xerox CEO] Anne Mulcahy, [Citigroup chairman] Dick Parsons, [GE CEO] Jeff Immelt — the bottom line is those are all leaks by the administration to show they are considering business people. They are having a really difficult time finding somebody to replace Summers. Major people in the business community don’t want this job....More
The Huffington Post offers up:
Larry Summers Replacement: Progressive Economists Offer Their Suggestions, 'No More Rubinites'

While the Nation says (via NPR):
So Long Summers, Thanks For Nothing

I'm fairly far removed from the Nation's target demographic but I agree with the sentiment.
The World Socialist Web Site didn't have any recommendations and Oxford's Andrew Glyn died a couple years ago.

Krugman anyone?