Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Bill Gates on R&D, a Carbon Tax and China’s Climate Role"

From the NYT's Dot Earth blog:
Bill Gates, the  software innovator and development philanthropist who has recently championed a big research push to advance non-polluting energy choices, has weighed in with some new thoughts after reading  a critique of his thesis by Richard Rosen of the Tellus Institute. Rosen asserted that putting too much focus on research aimed at energy breakthroughs was “dangerous” because it might encourage people “to put off investment in the many good renewable technologies that we have today, in the hope that something dramatically better will come along in the future.”

Gates e-mailed me some reactions and more detail on his vision of a sustainable energy quest, which you can read below. I also encourage you to watch his February Ted talk on energy and climate...MUCH MORE