Friday, December 4, 2009

Is This Why the Stock is Trending Down?: "Top Goldman Sachs Executives Are Likely to Receive Their Annual Bonuses in Stock " (GS)

As the old traders used to say, "Well bought is half sold". Why take your bonus in stock valued at $200 if you can get a third more shares when it's priced at $150. I'm just sayin'...
From Economic Policy Journal:
Top Goldman Sachs executives are likely to receive their annual bonus in stock this year rather than cash as part of a pay review that could affect thousands of Goldman’s rank-and-file employees, reports FT.

Ft goes on:
In a bid to quell public anger over probable multi-million dollar pay-outs to Goldman’s most successful bankers and traders after a bumper year for the bank, Lloyd Blankfein, its chief executive, is weighing plans to increase the share of compensation paid in equity.

Senior executives including Mr Blankfein could be awarded all their annual bonus in company stock, people familiar with the bank’s thinking told the Financial Times. Many of its 31,700 staff may also receive more of their annual bonus in deferred stock or options....MORE
Goldman Sachs on Track to Lowest Closing Price Since November (GS; BRK.A) and "Hedge Funds Beating Warren on Big Bet"

Goldman, Apple Wheezing into End of Year (AAPL; GS)

...Here's the one year chart on GS via BigCharts. Note the dramatic outperformance vs. the S&P 500 and the DJIA until October, then GS started south.