Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jim Rogers: "Time for a dollar crisis"

From FT Alphaville:

Amid some undoubtedly premature waves of optimism in the markets about economic, corporate and financial trends, the dollar’s recent rally has generated some bullish speculation about its medium-term trajectory.

Beware, says Jim Rogers, the dollar’s rally is set to end in a “currency crisis”, probably this autumn or the autumn of 2010. Having savaged the UK economy, the floundering pound and the US economy and its crumbling institutions so far this year, the talkative investor has now told Bloomberg Television that he may consider adding to his yen holdings, prefers the euro to the dollar or pound, and will bet on a slide in equities after nine weeks of gains. In fact, he says, he may well avoid equities for the next two to three years, as their recent gains signal a correction.
A dollar crisis has been “building up for a long time”, he noted. “We’ve had a huge rally in the dollar, an artificial rally in the dollar, so it’s time for a currency crisis.”

And - surprise, surprise - Rogers thinks commodities are still among the best bets for investors because of constrained capacity. He has been buying agriculture-related commodities and prefers silver to gold, palladium and platinum, he added....MORE

We pulled some of Mr. Rogers' quotes, in the post immediately above.