Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just Once I'd Like to See This Headline in the Wall Street Journal

From DealBreaker's Opening Bell:

Paulson Concerned Congress Has Turned Into Little Bitches (WSJ)

Paulson is temporarily halting his request for the remaining $350B because Congress's whining and "we need this" attitude is unbearable. I would appreciate an all or nothing stand by the man here: these people haven't had a clue what's going on since day one, but they've insisted on injecting their opinion into everything, which is a testament to their ignorance. The form of our Government is primarily to protect: whereas ultimately freedom is primary goal, sanctioned intervention into the everyday only serves to subvert that. But they're not protecting us in this case, their protecting their interests - they're just so closely aligning it with protecting us that to attack one is to attack the other, parasite and host.

Government shouldn't be parasitic.

I've had fantasies about the Journal letting down their hair. From a November 2007 post "Light Fixtures: We told you so (Watch the Politicians!)":

One of the guiding principles of this blog is how important it is to know what the politicians are up to. You can make a lot of money with this simple idea.

In "Cap-and-Trade Bill due Soon" we recapitulated some of our thinking:

...That's the headline over at the WSJ Energy Roundup. I wish just once they'd screw up and put something like this on the blog:

Ain't gonna happen though, they're pros.
I know this policy wonk stuff can get boring but there's a reason I put it in the blog; You can make a lot of money if you know what the rules are....